Whenever you’re trying to find an electric shaver, for any needs, even for sensitive skin and for women, it’s impossible to not hear the mighty name of Philips Norelco. But why? Is it really that good for shaving? All the reviews regarding shaving products, almost all of them, always put Philips Norelco as the top of the best shaver in many categories. Any male grooming sites and any men-stylists would recommend Philips Norelco as once of your shaving kit. Again, this question should be asked. Is it really that good? Or just an overrated shaver that is actually…. not that good? And you can always find a better brand than Philips Norelco. Apparently, thing wasn’t always good for Norelco shaver. Far before Norelco shaver existed, Schick (yes, that Schick), had been the pioneer of electric shaver since 1928. While Philips, at the time, a Netherland company was already a big hit on the area of lightbulbs and radios and surviving the horror of 1930’s economic depression. Not until 1935, a young Dutchman called Alexandre Horowitz, who’s a designer for Philips, came to the US and decided, he had to change the future of electric shaving. Horowitz then came out with the idea of the first rotating blade and launched he very first Philishave during spring 1939. The first philishave was undoubtedly beautiful and practical, even for today standard, with cigar shape and size and elegant black colour. Unfortunately, thing wasn’t so good not only for Philips but also for the world as in 1939, the World War began.

Immediately, at the end of the war, Philips put the philishave as one of the main production and needed an innovation. The new innovation came out as Philishave came with a different shape, rather than the old and elegant black cigar shaped shaver, the shaped was changed into a more ergonomic, egg shaped, with a larger shaving head. This product was launched in 1946 and became a hit with Mr. Steelbeard was the mascot for Philishaver. until it was launched in The US at 1948. Philishaver was struggled during it was first launched but regain its market in 1951. Philshaver was known as Norelco in The US market. Philshaver was always the first on his class. It was the first to introduce the flip top cleaning system. The iconic triangle shaped head was introduced. Philshaver was also the first to introduce built in trimmer so now you can get both a shaver and a trimmer at once. This was also the first to introduce cordless shaver, and not until the 1980’s the rechargeable shaver was introduced.
Highly innovative, that must be one of the reason why philishaver is always identified with modern electric shaver. In 1992, Stefano Marzano, head of Philips Corporate Design, introduced the new rounded designs, giving a better quality and finishing result. Philishaver immediately respond to the trend of wet shaving in the 1990s. it came with the new Cool Skin design, means a waterproof, reflex action and could be used during shower, and a small amount of Nivea for Men shaving lotion could be applied directly during shaving.


It is completely useless to talk about quality if no award was presented to prove that this shaver is the leading brand. Philips shaver S5370 for example, was awarded with 2015 Design Award. Not to forget Philishaver HS190 which won the same award on the previous year. Being innovative wouldn’t be enough if Philishaver or Philips Norelco cannot respond to the needs of its consumer. Norelco read that men are not the only one potential market for modern shaver. Women need to shave too and here Norelco came to fulfill the needs.
Philips Norelco Moi for Me is a product made special for the ladies. While most of men shavers are shaped like an egg with three blades, Norelco Moi for me came with the cute shape of manual razor and a beautiful blue color, with pivoting head. The curves and contours allow user to shave difficult area such as area below your calves. This razor could be used for either wet or dry situation, means the ladies need not to worry when they want to shave during shower or using cream or lotion product. Women are more sensitive toward irritation, so rather than using a rotating blade shape, Norelco Moi for Me came with shaving foil that minimize the contact between skin and blade, also the hypo allergenic shaving foil also helps to prevent rashes and irritation. Jojoba glider improves skin comfort and reducing skin friction.


Philips Ladyshave Electric Shaver is also another product from Philips for women. While more elegant and sophiscated with sleek design, Ladyshave came with the guarantee from Norelco quality. Ladies are not the only ‘special costumers’ for Norelco. Not only the ladies, there are also male costumers with sensitive skin problem. Norelco responded to this need by creating Norelco Shaver 7300 for Sensitive Skin.Came with anti-friction microbead which coated the blade, resulting smooth glide. And with gentle precision blade system, this shaver will protect your skin while cutting very close to your skin. Unique aquatec technology allows this shaver to be used in both wet and dry situation, and shave to be used alongside shaving cream or other anti-irritation skin care products.
And what’s the best feature from Norelco Philips? Of course, being the pioneer for rotary shaver, Norelco can actually brag about being the best rotary shaver. Take a look at one of its best design, Philip Norelco SensoTouch 3D. Being a rotary shaver, means that this shaver is good for both head and facial shaving. Norelco SensoTouch 3D is designed with 3 independent round foils which really sticks and moves along your face that can help to reach your hairs and stubbles easily.